What to Look For When Hiring a Web Developer


Skills to look for when hiring a suitable web developer for your website project are as below:

1. Knowledge in program : Not only coding syntax, but programing itself in several programming languages. For example implementation of suitable coding language in the appropriate function of website. And you’ll be surprise, some web designer can’t even code at all, as their skills are up to designing only while some web developer great in coding but have no sense in design at all. Therefore you should seek one who is good in both coding and skills in web design.

2. The Willingness to embrace change and learn new stuff: The internet web is ever changing and moving fast in every aspects, this include payment gateway, social interactions, web designs and so on. New web design technology literally change every day, and what makes a good web developer is able to learn these knowledge and change as well as adapt it to customer’s website. The ideal web developer would have to be open to trying new technology. If you don’t like change, you can’t never be a good developer. In addition, a good developer will make very sure to tell their client to avoid flash website because of it’s slow loading time and unable to load in smart phones.

3. Smart & Intelligence:  There are so many ways to code up a web page, billions of ways, a smart web developer will be able to tell you which ways is the best way and reasons behind it,  and use what’s suits your website best.

4. Loving web design: Love what you do is what’s differentiate a web designer with the normals no so in love with web design.

5. Act and Speak Normal: Able to communicate clearly, normally, easy to work with and flexible web developer is what every client should look at.

6. A good eyes for detail: This is essential for every developer to understand basic design principles and notice when that line of text is two pixels off compared to the PSD.

7. An actual understanding of the core language being used and not just the framework. Classic examples are developers who claim to know Javascript but have only used jQuery and developers who know Ruby on Rails, but struggle when they need to write Ruby code

8. An open mind and willingness to try unorthodox approaches to solving simple and complicated problems. Sometimes the things that should work don’t and the things that do work shouldn’t

9. An advanced understanding of HTML, CSS and firm grasp of Javascript and other programming languages.

10. Don’t get too comfortable – stay informed. Keeping up with technology is tough. It’s changing at such a quick pace that staying up-to-date on everything is probably close to impossible.

11. Avid reader and up to the trend. Keeping up with technology readings, web site security, ever willing to learn new languages and ways to better up a website and coding skills. It’s very important to keep up with these web developers as they are very few of them in this market. They read a lot and keep up with security threats and helps prevent your website from being hacked.