Tsunami of Responsive Web Design


Image Source: Malaysia E-commerce Market Size

Smartphones have already come to a new era where it plays an essential role as world’s dominant computing device, hand in hand together with responsive mobile website. Some Malaysian, own more than one smart gadgets for example, Android smartphone, iPhone, Xiaomi Mi3 phone, Redmi smartphone, Samsung smartphone and many other brands.

The tsunami of China’s manufacturing cheaper handsets are leading the change as smartphones prices trending downwards and will continue to do so over the long term. With this, Malaysia online websites particularly must adapt and change their olden days static websites into responsive websites to cater to this trending.

By the time 2014 is over, Malaysia estimates its smartphones will capture as much as 69% of online global e-commerce mobile phone sales.

In just a short duration of 5 years from 2013 – 2018, smartphone shipments will achieve average annual growth of 20%. Again, thats also one important point why all businesses should switch to responsive web design as quickly as possible.

This upwards charts will sees an increase in Malaysia’s online shopping market size from RM1.8 billion in 2010 to a soaring estimating as high as RM5 billion online e-commerce marketing size in 2014.

Good news for our Malaysia’s local online businesses, as out of RM1.8 billion, RM825 million or more was spent on local websites, local merchants. Thats also one important point why all businesses should switch to responsive web design.In fact, Malaysia Web design company offers a lot of pricing and packages for your online business website.

Choose your Malaysia Web Designer carefully as some professional web designer doesn’t possess the experiences and coding skills that’s important to make sure your responsive websites display correctly over multi gadget platforms. Best practice in coding also ensure responsive websites load faster. An experienced Malaysia Web Design Company will be able to provide you with this kind of knowledge and experiences. That is why, pricing is secondary, coding best practice is Primary for your online responsive website.

If you’re business website in Malaysia and your website was build on static platform, way back in 2006, you’re in the static website group.

To check whether your website are still running on static website, try to minimize your window browser, static website doesn’t fit into the minimize window and also won’t fit perfectly on smartphones.

A static website design will prevent your business to capture more sales and you’ll face difficulty in sharing and updating your latest updates with your new and returning online customers and much more.