Making Successful Ecommerce Website Design


The foundation of a a successful e-commerce website design service are crucial step before visitor decides to buy or leave.

A successful design and user experience can entice shoppers to complete the purchase or send them away. Let’s explore the main area in e-commerce website design, product page. By applying these basic rules in retail online shopping, you can get visitors to actually purchase on your e-commerce website.

1) The overall website should be attractive to see.

2) Flat design and harmonious pastels are great for 2014 web design

3) Great photos for each products from different angles and levels of details. Use of more images for each products. Customers will not buy products online without knowing what they look like. Quality images are key for conversions on higher-price products.

4) Large, simple and clear, usage of color to focus on add-to-cart button

5) Great copy writing product descriptions, black text, emphasize, more details to help shopper get more information.

6) Noticeable Chat With Us Button can be easily seen in website layout

7) Highlight where products is manufactured for example this create emotional values loyalty incentive to support a products.

8) Review function and customer testimonials to help create more trust

9) More information on shipping time and cost will be helpful for customer. Also, highlight free shipping and lifetime warranty — two huge conversion boosters.

10) Adding a caption beneath each product item photo so the visitor knows what she should be looking for

11) Deliver your product on time, If people shop on your e-commerce shop and don’t get their products on time, or worse don’t get their products at all, you will get really bad reviews which might effect future sales.

12) Easy to follow navigation, should be such that visitors can easily navigate through easy-to-follow pathways

13) Keep website uptodate and well maintain where it’s in good working condition. No down time. A successful e-commerce website will have consistent 24/7 hosting. A fully functional, complete store should always be available for visitors to shop online. There should never be an ‘Under Construction’ or ‘Coming Soon’ banner on your e-commerce website. Your visitors should be able to easily navigate through your website. Whole buying process should be easy, otherwise your competitor is just a click away.

14) Easy to contact you. It is also important to provide real names rather than fake names such as ‘Queen123’. Every information including information about the staff and the company should be accessible to the shopper. Putting pictures of yourself and your staff will improve credibility. Customers should feel like they know you, or at least have some information about you, before they shop on your e-commerce website.

Lastly, an e-commerce site should portray “TRUST”, making it safe and easy for the customers to pay for their purchases will build trust towards your e-commerce website and the shoppers will feel like visiting your website frequently.