6 Ways To Make Love With Your Website




Love at First Sight……


Do you believe the existence of “Love At First Sight“? I believed and totally agree love do happens at that instant we lays our eyes onto an object or even website design. When we become attracted to either the colors, layouts, fonts or some catchy wordings! It create MAGIC!

Are you familiar with metric called “bounce rate”? If you’re into Google Analytic you’ll be able to view these percentage where it shows website visitors who visited your one page and leave your website. A HIGH Bounce Rate means you’re definitely doing something wrong with your design or content or perhaps color choice.. While a low bounce rate means visitors are more than happy to engage in your website, thus spending more time EXPLORING more from your website.

60% – 70% is the normal percentage bounce rate for websites. These percentage means that over 1/2 of people who visited your website leaves just after viewing the page they landed on. Therefore, we will look at 6 ways to make love with your website to make visitors loves your website and to lower your bounce rate.


1. Simple and Striking Web Design

Striking websites doesn’t mean it has to be sophisticated design. But, the truth is simple web design is the most striking web design. A good example we can learn from is “Apple”, simple, sleek, clean design. When our website design is clean and simple it gives user a clear view, non messy looking and feels much more comfortable and pleasing to want to stay on the website more longer.


2. Glowing Your Brand

When it comes to marketing on your website, your business web design has to be unique, different from your competitor. Branding in your website design will deliver your message what your offering to your customer clearly, confirm your credibility, connects your target customer emotionally, motivates buyer, create customer loyalty. Inject your brand and team’s personality into your website. Choosing the perfect choice blend of colors to represent your business and connects with your visitors. Create wordings which reflect what your brand personality. Is your business fun, team spirits, easy going, formal, informal, fast paced and current. Show that in your website content.


3. Be Understanding

Try to minimize on talking about yourself and your business as little as possible. Instead, be more understanding about your visitor or customer who lands on your website. The ultimate reason they visit your website is to either get information they need or purchase an item they need, which is why a website should talk about customer’s needs, on how your business can help them satisfy they needs, make their life easier with  your product or service. These should be applied onto headlines, subtitles, as well as images inside your website copy.


4. Content meet customer needs

Not only headlines, subtitles, but each pages has to accurately describe and match the reason your customers arrived at your website. Each pages of these content should be different and offers exclusive content for your visitors. Apart from that, freebies can also be offered for your visitors either in the form of blog or video or even ebooks, who doesn’t love freebies….


5. Headings, Bullets Points, Images and Media Videos

A website page full of text, without headings whatsoever, no bullet points, no images, and no videos, is a define NO NO for a good website design.

For this, you need to break and separate each block of text into paragraphs with suitable headings and bullet points. It’s the same as you can’t gobble up a big sized pizza, you need to cut into bite size to enjoy it properly.

Headings and sub headings are also important, each content on the page should be able to easily read and make sense especially as what Google always emphasize “(Quality) Content IS KING”

Also by including relevant images and video to a page you break up the content but also create attractive features for the eye to be drawn to. They can also contribute to making the overall page aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the eyes.


6. Effective Navigation Menu

Know the best practice of website design navigation menu. Make your navigation simple so user know where to find what they are looking for. For example, contact us on top right corner and also at the page footer.


That’s why a website design is so important to convert your visitor into customers. By reshaping your website to visually appealing navigation, layout, and design as well as choice of colors, it’ll provide valuable and together with appropriate content copy writing, presenting in easily break separate bullets, headings, and having a logic and easy navigation, visitor will be more engaged and more likely you will convert them into sales.