AdWords vs. AdWords Express

  Businesses who wants to purchase paid Google advertisement will now have another choice of automatically handled by Adwords Express. Whether you need to advertise to be seen is up to individual. If you have additional money to spend on Google Adwords, you may do so, however there are many companies who don’t really know … Continue Reading

What to Look For When Hiring a Web Developer

Skills to look for when hiring a suitable web developer for your website project are as below: 1. Knowledge in program : Not only coding syntax, but programing itself in several programming languages. For example implementation of suitable coding language in the appropriate function of website. And you’ll be surprise, some web designer can’t even … Continue Reading

10 User Interface Design Fundamentals

Great user interface design are fundamentals for a good web design. The points here is that most of us should already have a mind what should appear on this list. But there might be some that you haven’t really look into it or perhaps do n ot know the existence of these user interface design … Continue Reading